About Me

Hi folks, this is Xuewei Niu from Beijing. I'm pursuing my master's degree in computer science at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

I am working for the Container Infrastructure Department of Ant Group as an intern. Currently, I am focusing on cloud-native, operating systems, virtualization, and middleware. I'm contributing code to project katacontainers/katacontainers, a well-known implementation of security containers, and apache/dubbo-go, a go implementation of Dubbo that is a member of Apache Software Foundation. In the early days, I loved UX and UI design and enjoyed at developing some macOS/iOS applications with interesting features. Even I wanna be an independent developer. However, I am spending almost all of my time on internships and school. I'm still a big Apple fan, not only because of the outstanding hardware design, though it's getting less and less now :(, the perfect software ecosystem.

I love all things well-designed. You may refer to Equipment to know what equipment I am using. Leaving a comment is always appreciated! :D